Monitor your Google rankings!

Google Rankings
  • Daily and weekly monitoring of your rankings in Google
  • Monitor your own domains and also all your competitors
  • All changes in the rankings in a compact overview
  • Sortable and searchable ranking tables
  • All data can be exported as PDF, CSV or via Google Drive
  • Daily / weekly email reports with the latest rankings
  • URL view, comparisons of different points in time, competitor rankings
  • How often are your keywords searched in Google per month
  • Google Adwords data: Cost per Click (CPC) and Competition
  • Mobile and desktop rankings
  • Local rankings with over 92,000 locations worldwide
  • Here is an overview of all features

Why monitor rankings?

SEO is fast moving and the competition for the top spots on Google is fierce. You have to monitor your SEO strategy quickly and easily and see immediately if you lose rankings or if your competitors become stronger.

Why use SEORCH?

SEORCH is cheap, fast and reliable. If you have any questions you will get answers from people who also developed the tool and who do SEO on a daily basis. If you have wishes, we will try to implement them in the tool.

Daily / Weekly updates

New data every 24 hours, so you can respond to ranking changes immediately. Receive email alerts. All keyword data is displayed on a daily chart and table. Additionaly you get a weekly overview. If you need a Google country version that is not supported we will add them for you.

Reliable data, fair pricing

As soon as you add new keywords, you will receive the rankings within an hour or two. The new rankings are automatically available every morning. Prices start at € / $ 10 per month for 100 keywords. You do not have to take out a subscription and you can pay when you like.

More features

  • Monitor up to 300 keyword rankings (more on request)
  • Supported Google versions:
    US / UK / DE / RU / AT / CH / FR / IT / ES / CA / NL / BE / DK / SE / FI / NO / PT / PL / CZ / HU / TK / AU / NZ / BR / MX / IN / VN / TH / ID / RO / UAE / QA
  • We will add your location within 24 hours if it is not included
  • Daily and / or weekly ranking updates
  • Local rankings for over 92,000 locations worldwide
  • Mobile and Desktop rankings
  • View the top 100 rankings of each keyword
  • Integration of Google Search Console Data
  • Export your ranking data (CSV, PDF, Google Drive)
  • See which URL ranks for a given keyword
  • Compare your domain rankings vs. any other domain
  • Get a daily or weekly email report with your new ranking data
  • Compare and export specific dates
  • Google Trends for each keyword
  • Google Adwords Search Volume, CPC and Competition for each keyword
  • Email support
  • Overview of all functions with screenshots

Free trial

All functions are available without restrictions during the free 14-day trial period. You do not need to provide any payment details during the trial period. You don't have to pay anything if you don't want to continue using the tool. Just don't do anything.

No subscription, no contract period

SEORCH is prepaid. You can top up your account and then use all functions until the credit is used up. If you decide to continue a few weeks later, you can simply top up your credit. In between there are no costs.

Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

What is Google Ranking Monitoring?

You have a number of different search terms that you want your website to be found for. You usually set these in the keywording process. With ranking monitoring you get data on where your content is placed in the Google Top 100 search results (SERPs). In short, it is search engine optimization success control.

Why should you monitor Google rankings?

Rankings change over time. If your website is ranked number 1 for a specific keyword today, it doesn't have to be the case next week. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that competitors do more successful search engine optimization, or that Google has changed the rating of your domain or has carried out a core update or because you may have made a technical error. If you monitor your rankings you can see how your content is ranked every day.

How does ranking monitoring work?

First you have to know for which keywords your website should be found. The number of keywords can vary greatly depending on the size of the website. You put these search terms in the Keyword Monitoring Tool. With good tools, you will get new data every 24 hours and see the position of your website for a certain keyword on a daily basis. You can also see where your competitors are ranking and how good.

What can be derived from SEO Rank Monitoring?

First, you can use it to check the success of your SEO measures. Do you write good texts and produce high quality content? As a result, your rankings should also improve. But you can also see where competitors are stronger than you or where potentials and quick wins are possible. After Google Core Updates, you can see the effects of the update on your website within a few hours. In addition, you can see which of your URLs rank and whether you have for example double rankings.

One-time or continuous rank monitoring?

You can of course check your rankings manually and save yourself money. The Google Rank Checker can be used for this. However, if you want to monitor larger amounts of keywords, continuous monitoring saves time. Does your sales depend on organic search engine traffic or if you have strong competitors there is actually no way around it.

What is the difference between desktop, mobile and local rankings?

Google shows different search results for the same keyword. Pages that are not optimized for mobile devices are ranked lower if you search on a mobile phone than when searching on a desktop computer. If you search for the keyword "gas station" in Boston, you will get completely different results than if you search for the same keyword in Miami (which you would expect). Over 30% of all Google searches get localized results. Therefore you should use a rank monitoring which enables you to monitor desktop, mobile and local rankings.

Which search engines should you monitor?

Google is the global market leader for search engines. In Germany, 92% of all search queries are made via Google. Only in China and Russia are strong competitors with Baidu and Yandex. Bing has a global market share of just under 3%, followed by Yahoo with 1.5%. So unless you do SEO for Russia or China, it (unfortunately) makes little sense to monitor other search engines.