Start by registering an account. You have to put in the domain you want to monitor and a Google country version for a jump start. You can still change that after you have created your account. In the top right corner you can add the keywords you want to monitor. After 1 hour you will see the first results.

Yes! Depending on your package up to ten.
If you need more just contact me.

No Problem. I can increase the possible number of keywords for your account for a little fee.
Just contact me.

No Problem. I can increase the number of domains for your account .. for free :)
Just contact me.

For each domain that you have created, you can set whether the keywords should be monitored on a daily or weekly basis. A change from e.g. weekly to daily and vice versa is possible at any time.

Thats cool. I will add that for free within 24 hours. Tell me the country you want to monitor.

Thats possible. Google changes the rankings depending on your search habits. If you want to see blank rankings log out from Google, clear your browser cache, make sure Google doesn't know your location and deactivate JavaScript.

Every 24 hours you will be provided with new data. If you add new keywords an update will be done in 1 hour. Fresh rankings are provided every night Central European Time.

Yes, navigate to the keywordset overview and click the URL. A lightbox opens where you can change the domain. You can do this as often as you want.

No. The tool uses clean engines for each of our search querys. Only the language and the country you selected in your dashboard are transmitted to Google. Our rank tracking is extremly objective.

Yes, all Keywords can be monitored in Googles mobile index.

Yes, you can select over 92,000 locations worldwide.

Both, if you want you will receive a daily email with your rankings, dataexports (CSV, GDrive, PDF) are included.

No problem. You can do this as often as you want for free.
Just contact me.

I am very happy if you send me your feedback.

If you don't like the SEORCH keyword monitoring software I will give your money back. Write me an email and tell me what you didn't like and why you want your money back.